Hi, my name is Andrew M. Calhoun! I'm creating a new site to serve as a hub and go-to link for my projects and various other activities. Currently there isn't much here, but I'm working on it. I want to keep it as simple and clean as possible, so I do apologize if it isn't 100% pretty. I'll gussy it up as I go. I just wanted to get something on the board. In the future, I'll probably have all sorts of neat stuff like forms and a back-end. But right now, a bit about me. I am Post-Bacculaureate Computer Science Major at Oregon State. I graduated in 2007 from UC Berkeley with a dual degree in American Studies and German. So, ja, ich kann Deutsch! Willst du Deutsch mit mir?

I have an interest in application development and embedded systems, and am starting to get into the more theoretical worlds of algorithms and machine learning. Primarily, I am currently looking for work in the programming field and will be happy to solve problems. I love finding the solution, the more elusive, the better. I have just finished my third term. Some people might wonder why I did not just opt to do a fancy Wordpress. Instead, I decided to try to code this all by myself, including the javascript and other back-end given I want to get the practice. That B+ in Web Development sort of sparked my need to practice more.